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DakStats Baseball Tutorial111441/29/2014 4:31:12 PMIncludes: 1. Setup 2. Play-by-Play Entry Mode 3. Printing Reports 1772
Webcast Game Status112098/13/2013 4:37:42 PMQuestion: Can I alert viewers of a game status change in a live Webcast Version 4.62 or higher of DakStats Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, and Volleyball 501
Innings Pitched is Incorrect1116612/29/2008 6:39:29 PMProblem:  In DakStats Baseball, the IP (Innings Pitched) statistics are not being Resolution: You can usually pinpoint the game in which the IP is off Switch to box mode by going 69
DakStats Webcast112247/29/2013 3:41:23 PMBaseball Web-Sync Webcast Quick Start Guide - Section 5(Webcasting to Web-Sync Server 291
Downloading previous season games from the Web-Sync site111911/28/2011 5:02:27 PMProblem:  I lost statistics from my DakStats software for previous seasons BB = Basketball, Baseball = Baseball, VB = Volleyball, SO = Soccer, Football = Football 1357
Created game won't save111509/17/2009 2:51:02 PMProblem: I tried to create a season or game, but it does not save NOTE: If you are unsure of and go to "C:\Program Files\Daktronics\DakStats(R) Baseball (or the applicable sport 638
Add Quick Players to Volleyball games1121110/10/2013 7:02:09 PMBaseball Question:    Can I add easily add a libero for volleyball games Answer: In DakStats Volleyball software the ability to add Quick Players has been added to easily assign 412
"Failed to Open Database" error111901/28/2011 4:39:06 PMBaseball Problem:  When trying to Web-Sync, I receive error message “Failed to Open Database Was the DakStats software recently installed on a new computer Cause: One or both of the 27
"Internet Exception" Operation has Timed Out.111862/15/2011 6:18:04 PMProblem:  When Web-Syncing I receive message “Internet Exception: Operation has Timed Out reduced the occurrence of this message, baseball/softball remain most affected by this 608
When opening DakStats, user receives message “Error: Software Protection Failed.”1115111/10/2010 9:42:24 PMBaseball Problem:  When opening DakStats, I receive the message “Error: Software Protection Failed Are you running Windows Vista or Windows 7 See Resolution 1. Are you running 2863

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