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DakStats Basketball Tutorial111458/30/2013 4:00:18 PMIncludes: 1. Installation and Registration 2. Setup 3. Two-Click Entry Mode 4. Printing Reports By continuing to use our site, you are consenting to cookie usage 90
WindowsVistaWindows7105251/24/2011 8:21:32 PMBasketball Using DakStats on Windows Vista and Windows 7 If you are trying to run DakStats on a Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system, you will need to open the software a bit 459
3 pointers only count as 1 point. 1117512/29/2008 8:06:05 PMProblem: Points in DakStats Basketball Box Mode don’t add up correctly When entering in points in basketball, remember that every shot (2 and 3 pointers) made is 91
When opening DakStats, user receives message “Error: Software Protection Failed.”1115111/10/2010 9:42:24 PMBasketball Problem:  When opening DakStats, I receive the message “Error: Software Protection Failed Are you running Windows Vista or Windows 7 See Resolution 1. Are you running 4543
Export Error: File could not be Opened. "Export File Failed"1116112/29/2008 5:58:52 PMBasketball Article Number: DS00014 Topic: Import / Export Problem: When exporting files, I receive error message “Export Error: File could not be Opened 102
DakStats Baseball Tutorial111441/29/2014 4:31:12 PMBasketball Includes: 1. Setup 2. Play-by-Play Entry Mode 3. Printing Reports By continuing to use our site, you are consenting to cookie usage 87
Webcast Game Status112098/13/2013 4:37:42 PMQuestion: Can I alert viewers of a game status change in a live Webcast Version 4.62 or higher of DakStats Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, and Volleyball 673
Duplicate Players in Roster111493/26/2013 3:51:43 PMBasketball Problem: I have duplicate players in my DakStats roster Attempt to delete both instances of the player If you cannot, proceed to the next step a.  Attempt to delete one of 90
Can't control game clock1117612/29/2008 8:07:33 PMBasketball Problem: The spacebar doesn’t start/stop the game clock Resolution: Under the Configure menu uncheck Auto Timing More Information: The Auto Timing feature only needs to 192
When Printing Reports, nothing appears.1118312/29/2008 10:12:44 PMBasketball Problem: Nothing appears while trying to print reports Go to Tools > Internet Options, and click the Programs tab Click Reset Web Settings to make Internet Explorer the 189

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In certain instances we can remote into your computer to assist with your DakStats questions.

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