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2012 Fall Sports Updates

New updates are now available for DakStats Football, DakStats Volleyball, and DakStats Soccer. We have also released updates to the Daktronics Web-Sync site.

All Sports:

  • Added Game Status marker for Web-Sync Webcasts. This allows the user to select a game status to be displayed on the Webcast, such as "Halftime" or "Delayed".
  • Added ability to import/export PBX files. This will transfer the Play-by-Play of a game along with the file if the game was originally entered in Play-by-Play. NOTE: User must open game and click Edit > Rebuild Stats after importing.
  • Added ability to print as combined files with Season Reports.
  • Added ability to set a default City, State and Stadium for the team so that it will auto-populate when creating games.
  • Added ability to set Default Season on main screen so that it shows on software open.
  • Football:

  • Updated rules file to handle recent NCAA changes.
  • Added stat for touchbacks on kickoffs to the Team Stats, Overall Individual Stats, and Overall Team Stats reports.
  • Volleyball:

  • Added right-click option to set Quick Players for rosters.
  • Added hotkey for "Attack on Two" play.
  • Added option to add starters from previous game.
  • Added Total Serves and Digs to the Play-by-Play view in the software.
  • Added "U" hotkey to clear 'assist' player field.
  • Changed "Over" play so it's now tracked - press 'O+Enter' instead of 'O'. 'X' can be used to switch active teams without tracking.
  • Added Delete Last Play hotkey ('Ctrl+X').
  • Added Edit Last Play hotkey ('Ctrl+L').
  • Added ties and lead changes to play-by-play report.
  • Added jersey numbers to play-by-play report.
  • Added "Check for Errors" feature to help flag plays that may be statistically inaccurate (i.e. setter and attacker fields the same value).
  • Soccer:

  • Added ability to Insert Period under the Edit menu.
  • Web-Sync:

  • Changed Web-Sync Profile screen so that the email address entered on this screen is also the address that Missing Stats Reports go to.
  • Added Game Status to all Web-Sync Webcasts.
  • Individual Stats tab will now default to Season Box report.
  • Sort Individual Stats report intelligently (differs based on sport).
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