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Spotlight on Kansas City Royals

DakStats and the World's Largest HD Display

The Kansas City Royals recently had Daktronics install the world’s largest high definition

KC Royals Display
The world's largest HD display at Kauffman Stadium shows fans statistical data pulled from DakStats Baseball
(HD) video display at Kauffman Stadium. The display, an impressive 105 feet high by 85 feet wide,  has the capability of showing both live and recorded video, and can display statistical information, graphics, animations and various other content.  The left-field fence was also upgraded with a display measuring 8 feet high and 128 feet wide, and provides live scoring and statistical information for the current game, as well as updated out-of-town scores and information from any other games in progress.

The content shown on the display comes from a combination of several Daktronics stat software programs but they all receive data from DakStats Baseball. During the game, the DakStats operator enters each play as it happens into DakStats Baseball, and the software then directs the data to the display controllers and character generators.

DakStats allows the Royals to display current statistical data for the game; that data is filtered for situational statistics that are relevant to the current play, and the operator can display the information on any of the displays in the stadium. A variety of data can be drawn from DakStats, such as lineups, batter due ups, game situational statistics, season situational statistics, batting statistics, and pitching statistics.

DakStats also can provide spray charts to the displays for batters on either team.

By combining the world’s largest HD video display and several pieces of Daktronics sport software, the Kansas City Royals are able to provide their fans with a spectacular show, highlighting the statistical data fans want to see. Baseball fans don’t need to go only to Kauffman Stadium to see DakStats in use however, as most Major League Baseball teams use DakStats in their stadiums.


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