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Article Number: DS00024
Topic: Operation

How do I move or copy stats onto a new DakStats computer?


  1. On the old computer, go to "C:\Daktronics\DakStats SPORT".
  2. Select and copy the "Season" folders. They will have the same name as the seasons you have previously created in DakStats.   
  3. Copy these season folders to the same location ("C:\Daktronics\DakStats SPORT") on the new computer.

NOTE: If, on the original DakStats computer, you go to C:\Daktronics\DakStats SPORT and you do not see folders named the same as your seasons, you are running an older version of DakStats on that computer. The season folders will probably be under C:\Program Files\Daktronics\DakStats SPORT instead.

The seasons folders should still be copied to C:\Daktronics\DakStats SPORT.

Web-Sync Users: Web-Sync Profiles are not copied during this process. If you copy the season database for a season you are currently Web-Syncing, you can create your Web-Sync profile by going to Web-Sync > Setup. Click Add Profile, then fill in the appropriate information.

More information:
The most common reason for transferring these files is when a computer is replaced or having technical issues. Manually saving these season folders in a different location is also a great way to backup your DakStats information.


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