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Article Number: DS00046
Topic: Web-Sync                 

I lost statistics from my DakStats software for previous seasons. Since I Web-Synced, can I download those statistics from the Web-Sync site?

Download the previous season's games and stats from the Web-Sync site.

  1. Click here to download the Download Competitions form.  
  2. The form includes 4 fields. Fill in the information as outlined below.
      • Command: Leave this box as it is.
      • Comp ID: This tells the form what game to download. To find this number, click on the score of the competition on the Web-Sync site to view the Box Score.  In the URL you will see "compID=XXXXX this 5-6 digit number is the ID for that game. 
        Sport ID: This is the 2 character ID for the sport you are working with. BB = Basketball, Baseball = Baseball, VB = Volleyball, SO = Soccer, Football = Football.
      • History: If it is a past season type Y. If it is the current season type N.

    3. Click Submit Query when the form is complete. 

    4. When you click Submit Query, it will bring you to a page that displays unformatted
        statistics. Right-click on this page and choose View Source.

    5. Save the Notepad file that opens. If multiple games need to be saved make sure to
        name each file with unique file name. Do this for each game in the season you wish to

   6. Import the .TXT files into your software on the File > Import Game screen.



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