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Article Number: DS00051
Topic: Web-Sync                 

I lost statistics from my DakStats software for the current season. Since I Web-Synced, can I download those statistics from the Web-Sync site?

Download the current season's games and stats from the Web-Sync site.

Create a new season if the season does not already exist.
1. Choose Configure >Season and System Preferences
2. Click Add to add a new season
3. Create a Season Title, choose the default play entry mode, Choose the rules file and choose the correct gender. Then click OK and click OK again.

If you are asked to create a Web-Sync Profile, click Yes.
1. Click Add profile.
2. Choose you association/League, choose the season you just created, Select your team from the drop down list, enter your email address, profile type should be full sync. Then click Save and then click Done.

Once you have a season and a profile, Web-Sync once. Choose the season you created and type your password. This will pull down your roster and your schedule, but no stats.

Go to Web-Sync > Retrieve Game File.

Choose your Web-Sync profile and it should list out your games. Click on the first one and click the Server version button. This will pull down whatever stats are on the server for that game. Repeat this for each game you had previously submitted stats for. 

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