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User installs latest version of DakStats, but still doesn’t have the latest version.997512/29/2008 10:41:31 PMDuring the installation, when asked to Modify, Repair, or Remove, the user must select the Repair option and continue with the installation process By continuing to use our site 27
How do I Install DakStats from the Web?99654/14/2011 5:51:11 PMfollowing steps take you through the download and installation of your DakStats software Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to finish the installation 79
DakStats Football Tutorial99258/30/2013 2:27:51 PMIncludes: 1. Installation and Registration 2. Setup 3. Play-by-Play Entry 4. Printing By continuing to use our site, you are consenting to cookie usage 1360
User Permission99769/12/2013 2:44:12 PMArticle Number: DS00044 Topic: Installation Problem: User Permissions & Administrative Considerations when Installing DakStats Note: Most computers used on high school & college 1273
When opening DakStats, user receives message “Error: Software Protection Failed.”993011/10/2010 9:42:24 PMProblem:  When opening DakStats, I receive the message “Error: Software Protection Failed Are you running Windows Vista or Windows 7 See Resolution 1. Are you running Windows 3274
Error: MSXML Not Installed993512/29/2008 5:12:33 PMProblem:  When attempting to Web-Sync, I receive message, “Error: MSXML Not Installed DakStats needs certain components within the Webcast installation in order to Web-Sync 317
Installing DakStats software from the CD99644/14/2011 5:42:37 PMInsert the DakStats installation CD in the CD ROM drive on your computer Once the installation is finished, it is recommended that you reboot your computer 24
Compatible DakStats Operating System99796/13/2013 3:31:28 PMArticle Number: DS00047 Topic: Installation Question:  Is DakStats available for Mac computers DakStats is only intended for use on PCs running Windows-based operating systems 1212
Using DakStats with a tablet or other handheld devices.99808/2/2013 2:47:15 PMArticle Number: DS00048 Topic: Installation Question:  Can DakStats be used on an tablet or other handheld devices DakStats is only intended for use on Windows-based PCs 1071
Error Reading Setup Initialization99899/12/2013 3:01:15 PM Number: DS00057 Topic: Installation Problem:  When trying to install, I receive error message “Error Reading Setup Initialization Cause: A permissions setting on the computer or 61

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DakStats Interactive Support
In certain instances we can remote into your computer to assist with your DakStats questions.

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