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New Users
After downloading and installing the DakStats software, we recommend getting started by reading the Quick Start Guides. Most of the data entry functions within the software are quite easy to pick up. The key is having a good spotter and communicating effectively as to how the operator wants the game spotted.

Most users find that basic operation can be learned simply by trying to do stats for a practice game or by watching game footage. When doing your first game, don’t be too concerned with getting every play. Once you have the game flow down, you will easily keep up with tracking live game stats. 

Through years of providing accurate and easy-to-use stat software, DakStats has formed partnerships with various organizations. To learn more about our partners, please select a group below:




Club Baseball




Special Events
If you are hosting tournaments, clinics, or other special events and have interest in using DakStats and/or any of our related products, please contact us with your needs. We're always looking for opportunities to expand our extensive list of partners. 

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